Go for it!

On a breezy day, he seemed to have no care in the world.  Climbing a calla leaf against the wind, he trusted his Creator and “went for it.”  As I watched him reach his destination, I wondered about mankind.  Why don’t we climb more … and risk more … and trust more?


Same Creator …


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  1. Trust more is the key. Love this post.

  2. Amen and amen-xo Diana

  3. Oh, that is very good. Love it 🙂

  4. Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  5. Wow this is truly amazing! I love the verse, the picture and your thoughts on it! It is true we do fear sometimes…but in the end we need to be still and know he is GOD! He will never harm us!

    great post

  6. This is so inspirational!

  7. Beautiful!

    My Blue.

  8. Great Post.. Happy Monday!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by.


  9. This day and time, trust is getting harder to do. At least, for me it is.

  10. your post is something to ponder about. love it. hope you can stop by at my blue monday: http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/2012/07/vince-moments-on-our-drive-rest-stops.html

  11. Short, sweet, and right to the heart. I DON’T “go for it” the way I should. I AM trying more lately though. Baby steps forward are still steps, right?
    And I am still thinking about Olympic posts.

  12. Love it! Timely and wise.
    Must visit your new challenge.

  13. Just gorgeous! Late visit from Blue Monday. Come aand see my BLUE, when you get a chance. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!