Dressy New Life for Old Linens

Welcome to My Place to Yours! If you’ve been kind enough to visit here before, you probably know that I love vintage linens.  I don’t even mind when they have a few “imperfections” since it usually just means they’ve been enjoyed rather than hidden in a drawer.  But sometimes a beautiful old piece has so many holes that I end up using it solely as a pretty background in pictures.
That was the case with the gorgeous crocheted tablecloth I used in these pics.


It could only be classified as a “cutter”  … and so I decided to let it go during my recent porch sale.  I hoped someone could cut it up (thus, the name) and make something pretty out of the good sections.

Someone did!

Only days after it left my house, my friend Betty stopped by to show me her creation.  She had turned the “cutter” tablecloth into a beautiful crocheted lace dress to be worn over a slip-style shift.


She used the tablecloth as well as “cutter” doilies and a dresser piece to make this romantic, asymmetrical hem dress.  I love how the collar is asymmetrical, too.

She’s making these for her teenage granddaughters …


… but she plans to sew for other people, too.  Wouldn’t these even be gorgeous wedding dresses for vintage-loving brides?


I absolutely love it when beautiful old linens are given a second chance to shine!


I counted at least six different old beauties in this dress.  What a great way to continue their legacy … don’t you think?  Fantastic job, Betty!

I’ll be sharing Betty’s creation at Between Naps on the Porch’s Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. Betty is very talented. I love what she did. Nice to see these make other gals happy once again. xoi

  2. What a beautiful transformation! xo Nellie

  3. My gosh, Susan- She did a beautiful, beautiful job with that old tablecloth. I think it would make a beautiful vintage wedding gown, too- xo Diana

  4. I’m just gobstruck! That is so beautiful,and the fact that it came out of “cutters” makes it twice as much so. And I was thinking the part about the vintage wedding before you even said it which means that the expression “great minds think alike” is clearly a life truth. Grin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great Work! Even if she is my mother. :-). She is an extremely talented person and this is just a sample of her talents. Thanks for sharing Susan.

  6. I was telling the family about this over dinner last night. (Yeah, I feel sorry for the husband too…) Both of my girls, especially Miss Whimsy, thought this was such a wonderful idea. I can so easily picture her with a vintage “tablecloth” wedding dress or something. Again, your friend is really talented.

    • Debbie’s right: Betty’s so talented. Her imagination, her vision for dresses like these is truly amazing. I, too, can see my girls enjoying lovely garments like these for generations to come.


  7. That is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! What talent and what a joy to see what she did with it…a true heirloom piece…that just makes my creative juices flow.

    Happy 4th