Company’s coming … and I’M SO GLAD!

I suppose I can hardly call her “company” since she’s my Sister … and that makes her Family any ol’ day of the week!  But by the time you see this, United Airlines should have delivered her to my doorstep (I wish!) and we’ll be getting into who-knows-what. I’m so glad!

Renaissance Man’s garden is “glad” too … even though he’s out of town. Sister’s gonna LOVE his “glads!”  Don’t you?

In anticipation of her visit, I set a quick table for two …

Here’s a tablescaping tip …  If you look closely at the top plate, you’ll notice that the green is really more “mint” than “lime,” but it works beautifully with the lime green placemats.  That’s because our eyes see the tiny touch of yellow in the floral and visually blend it with the green … making it appear to be lime.  If the placemats were mint, the plates would appear to be a much softer green.

Try it sometime.  It works with other colors, too!
Even my napkins are really more peach than pink … but look at the plate.  This time it’s the yellow and pink that visually combine.
My all-time favorite Dollar Tree goblets …
A salvaged mirror, thrift store candleholders, and silver ladles make for an unexpected centerpiece …
Did I tell you my Sister’s coming for a visit?
She’s actually going to help me with my Saturday Come And Get ‘Em sale to benefit Hope Unlimited for ChildrenPlease pray that we’ll be really busy … and de-clutter a lot!
If you see anything in any of my tablescapes or either of my online shops that you’re interested in, it may be available.  I may also have just what you’ve been looking for in my stash of stuff.  Just email and ask … before Saturday!
Thanks to all of you who have already made purchases … and to those of you who are considering things.  On behalf of the children of Hope, you’re the best!
Hopefully I’ll be back Monday with before/after pics of my sale, but we’ll have to see.  Renaissance Man comes home that day.  Oh, and I almost forgot (yeah, right) … Little Man and Little Sir (and their parents) are coming that day, too.
I’m so glad!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a fantastic weekend … whatever you do.

I’ll be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. You have some special times with family ahead of you. Now, just get through that sale in one piece.:)

  2. I am so happy your sister is coming to help you. I am GLAD as a matter of fact. I am GLAD that you can hold this sale and I will be GLAD if you make a ton of money for the cause….but mostly I am GLAD that I found you here in blogland- You’re a keeper-friend-xo Diana

  3. Oh, GOSH…those glads!!!! How stunning! Have a wonderful visit and a terrific sale; that is one I would ADORE attending!

  4. Oh she should so enjoy that….how special…have a great visit!!

  5. Oh the Glads are lovely. None here yet. . .but soon. The pink flowered plates in your pic brought me right over to see what’s going on!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. Hi Susan, What lovely glads!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your sister and that your sale went well! Congrats on your new grandson! Have fun loving on them! I’m very busy working full-time and getting ready for the antique expo in July, but keep in touch!
    ~ Julie
    p.s. We did enjoy our daughters and granddaughter home for a week! 🙂 It’s quiet here without a 2 year old running around. So thankful for ichat!

  7. And I’m so “glad” I visited too, Susan!! 🙂 What a fun and upbeat and happy post–your joy is palpable. I wish you happy times with your sister, with the sale, and with the little ones and their parents! ~Zuni