Pallet Turned Sexy-Leg Coffee Table

He reads this blog …

Not Renaissance Man.  Well, yes, he does — but I already knew that.  So does my Daddy on occasion, but not him either.  Who then?  Well, I’ll tell you …

It began one day last December when Daughter the Younger asked us to bring power tools when we came to their house for Christmas.  She and our Favorite Fatigue Wearer had a DIY project in mind.  That sounded fun to me!

When we arrived, we learned the project involved this shipping pallet … and plans to turn it into a coffee table.  I was already thinking to myself what a fun blog post the project would make when Daughter the Younger told me that the top would get a dark stain … and the legs would be red!  Oh, yeah … LOVE that!


Of course, Little Man wanted in on the fun … but he was perfectly content leaving the calculations to the grownups.


With red paint swatch in hand, we headed to the local big box store only to be told that they couldn’t do the paint quite the way we wanted.  Yes, they could have, but that’s another story …  Anyway, ready to get the project started, my daughter looked around and said, “Can you match that?” 


He said he could …


And so he did.
I’d say Daughter the Younger has a pretty good eye for color, wouldn’t you? That’s her original paint swatch …


A few more necessities and we were ready to get started.


And that’s when it happened. 

My Favorite Fatigue Wearer asked if I was going to blog about the project.  I said, “Sure!” … and then he proceeded to tell me that he reads my blog.  Reeeaally …  My daughters don’t read it, but my son-in-law does?  He said, “Not always the tablescape stuff … but I read the life lessons.”

Whoa.  He reads the “life lessons.”  He, who has seen me on good days and bad.  He who knows firsthand if my words and my actions match up.  I had no idea … but now I do … and I absolutely love the accountability!  It’s very humbling, though…

I also loved his crazy sense of humor when he asked if all of my readers would be star struck when they saw him on my blog.  Silly man.  You’re three decades old.  Don’t you know stardom doesn’t come that easily?

Apparently shipping pallets-turned-coffee tables don’t happen easily either because first all of the planks had to be removed. (Don’t get star struck yet… That’s MY sweetie.  You can’t have him!)


While the brawny men pulled the nails (which took awhile) …


Little Man and his Mommy were happy to play under the tarp-covered table where they were protected from the “wind-ing” of the breeze.  I just love how 2-year-olds learn language!


Finally, it was Mommy’s turn to start designing …


… and Daddy’s turn to play.  Are you star struck yet?


Lay out the boards …


Measure and mark …


Cut …


All hands on deck to steady the frame …


Progress … and ready to reattach the planks.


Aaah, here he is again … the *STAR* of our show.  Back off, ladies.  You do see the wedding ring, don’t you?


Oh, yeah, he’s a family man … and a sweetheart of a Daddy.  Little Man certainly thinks so.


Sand the top …


Sand the sides …




Now for the fun part.  Divide … and conquer.



Me thinks it’s the perfect coffee table for a household of rough-and-tumble boys … and one creative Mommy.  Cute legs, huh?
So are there any “life lessons” in this post?  Sure there are.

1) Don’t take yourself too seriously.
2) Frugal and re-purposing can be fun!
3) Working together will accomplish a lot.
4) Accountability is good.
5) Children are most content when they feel safe and loved.


Are there other life lessons that you “read between the lines?”

How about a big shout-out to my Favorite Fatigue Wearer … the *STAR* of today’s post. He always ranks high in my book, but even the Army is moving up his rank this week.  Congratulations, Son!
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  1. Oh-What a great guy your daughter married…but did you really expect any less? I’d say he is SMART(because he reads your blog and “gets it”) and HANDSOME…and I love how he includes you in their lives. THAT is the biggest blessing of all-xo Diana

  2. What a sweet, sweet thing! I know this took place in December, but what a nice Mother’s Day ‘gift’ regardless of the time of year!

  3. Smart young man – he knows where the good reading is!

  4. Many hands make light work.

    LOVE this post! Several men read my blog, too: it IS humbling.

    Table = spectacular!

  5. I’m star struck!! The old patriotic hopeless romantic can’t resist a man in fatiques, even when he’s actually wearing blue jeans. I actually chuckled out loud when I got to the part about, “…not the tablescape stuff.”

    I really love this project! I just so happen to have a pallet in the garage that I use to keep projects off the ground when I’m painting. Now, I’m looking at it with a whole lot more potential. Oh yes, I am.

    Please tell your hunky McSoldier that I’m proud of his rank advancement and that FRANKLY, I’m just proud of him. Period.

  6. This is just great…and I applaud the wonderful show. What a treasure…I am so glad you shared the whole process with us…I think that was as special as the table. Good job to them all!!

  7. That was a wonderful post! I love that he reads your posts especially the lessons. Your family did a wonderful job on the table. It is really cute! I can see lots of artwork, homework, and playing being done on that table. I would love one of these myself for outside on the porch. Great tutorial and I love that you even included a few life lessons in this post as well!

  8. What fun with amazing results! How nice that your son-in-law reads your blog. You do have the power to make him a star and it is good that he knows that. ;>

  9. Well hey, I’m old enough to be his granny but I still think he’s a hunk!!! Please! do not tell your daughter I said so 🙂 Hugs to you all for making one awesome coffee table from a pallet and for sharing the fun with us. Mary

  10. That ended up being a fun table — it’s great when everyone can work together to create something new! Interesting about the color match! Wonder if that certain employee will see himself on your blog ; )

  11. Thanks for sharing your blues and your how-to notes.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  12. Great post…the table is too cute. Think you better hang on to that son-in-law! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Between Naps on the Porch.

  13. How much fun reading this post! Congratulations to your “Favorite Fatigue Wearer!”
    Wonderful life lessons!

  14. Very inspiring!

    Motherhood Blues , please come and see.

  15. Great project, Susan! I also think it’s great that the whole family was in on it. How cute is he? The little guy and your SIL. I think it’s sweet he reads your blog.

    visiting from Met Monday : )

  16. Looks like a very good project!

    Your comment on my BLUE would be so much appreciated!

  17. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about being the star of one of your posts!! Congrats and way to go to your favorite guy in fatigues, and a BIG thank you from this household. Oh, and the table turned out great, and how fun that Little Man was involved, and that you and RM were involved too. I forget–did you mention family time as another important life lesson? 🙂 Fun post; thanks, Susan. ~Zuni

  18. Stuff the star struck…will he come and do some work for me??
    I did see the wedding ring!
    I found you through Blue Monday and just love your sense of humour. Also the family working together.
    How about ” a bit of fun is part of the glue that holds families together” ??

    I’ve joined as a member because I want to enjoy more! Have a good day! Joan

  19. What a cute table…thanks for sharing it at my NTT party.


  20. I love your pallet table! What a great idea. My hubby made me a potting bench from a pallet for Mother’s day…I love it!

  21. Great Post! I love all your factors:) Super table from a fun family project. Just dropping in from The Picket fence to invite you to link up to this week’s Freedom Fridays:) I am hoping to see you there!
    PS I am now following you.