ON THIS DAY IN FASHION… Did You Get the Memo?

Fashion?  Are you wondering if you’re at the wrong blog?  You’re not … but if you’re here for the first time, let me just say that this post is not at all my “usual” style — although I’m not sure what my “usual” blog topic is exactly — but I know what’s it’s NOT:  Fashion.  So what brought this up?  Well, I’ll tell you …

All I needed was a simple pair of black, flat, slip-on sandals to replace the ones that broke at the end of last Summer.  I’d bought them at Kohl’s a couple of years ago, and they were so comfortable that I hoped they’d have some more just like them (or at least the same comfy brand), so a quick in-and-out of Kohl’s was on my weekend schedule.

Now, I should tell you that it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the mall.  I can’t remember the last time I was in the big malls in Knoxville, but I rarely even go to the small mall in a nearby town.  While I do like clothes, I don’t like to shop for them. I used to, but not so much anymore. Perhaps it has something to do with how ridiculously high-priced everything is … and how every designer seems to use a different size chart … and a few too many extra pounds.  So, I only go when I really have to, and this weekend I had to.  I went with a good attitude, found some good sales, and picked up a few new Spring casuals.  Then I headed to the shoe department.

No luck at Kohl’s … or at any of the other stores in the mall.  Where were the simple, classic little black sandals?  Everywhere I looked I saw heels that were too thick …

Too thin …

And then I realized:  I had missed the memo.

Classic, comfy little sandals are OUT OF STYLE this season.  Apparently, there’s only one reeaally “hot” style, and I totally did not expect to see it.  Did you know?  Cleopatra is back!  At least, her shoes are.  They are e.ver.y.where!  I kept wondering … “Who wears this stuff?”  If you do, more power to you, but this “classic”-style dresser would feel like a fool wearing shoes like these!

Yes, I finally found something I could use, but I was reminded yet again why I prefer table-ware to toe-ware…  Dishes (even long-ago-discontinued ones) are always in style!

Antique napkins always “fit” … and make me smile!

And pretty collectibles?  They never wear out!

So how about you?  Are yours “classic” feet … or are you a Cleopatra wannabe?  Do you like to shop for clothes, or do you prefer HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning and Big Lots?
Just wondering if I’m alone out here …

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  1. Groan…oh no. Cleopatra sandals? Whatever am I going to do. Well thanks for being one of the first into the trenches. I guess I’ll order flip-flops from L.L. Bean. Cute post!

  2. Oh- I hate the new shoe styles! Now…a few years ago ..make that a lotta years ago…I might have been on board. I wore high heels for probably 30+ years-every day of life. Now, I go for comfort and I hate clothes shopping anymore. I would rather shop for the house OR the GRANDKIDS! (and THAT is a sickness) xo Diana

  3. I was just in the shoe stores this weekend…I like the way you grouped the shoes and named them…funny but true. The silver over lay dish is very pretty.

  4. I spotted a yellow shoes, like it! ^_^

    Peach Blossoms

  5. I enjoyed your shoe post and the titles. I always have to buy shoes for comfort, I wish i could were some of the prettier shoes. Fun post. Have a great week!

  6. I LOVE THIS POST! I am giggling in sisterhood because you went in for shoes but ended up browsing through the dishes and linens. I had some of the same thoughts recently shopping for shoes with Miss Whimsy. Even she, the 20 year old whimsical one, thinks the shoes are unattractive this season. Too high… too flat… or too whatever.

    And with these short stumpy legs of mine, I’m not sporting the Cleo.

    And as for clothes, I went with the Duchess to help her find a new dress for spring, and we were so disgusted at not only the NONclassic styles but the ridiculous prices. We left without a purchase and found a website that she’s going to try instead.

  7. Oh Susan I couldn’t agree with you more. I see some really cute shoes everyday at work but they are ones I could never wear for more then an hour. I have lot’s of coworkers who totally agree. I too am such a sensible shoe shopper. Why can’t they just make gorgeous good looking comfortable shoes? I’d rather shop the home goods sections any day of the week. That’s why I work in that department and literally cringe when I get pulled over to another department by well meaning customers who need help. LOL!

  8. Oh I am laughing…I HATE TO SHOP for clothes or shoes…and recently I even started crying in the shoe shop and went home shoe-less…I go start for the home decor every time and any budget I have I will spend on my home or garden…which leaves me looking like an out-dated mess!!

    Yea, you found something!! Good job for sticking in there.

  9. I am in the market for black sandles too — not finding much either. I too am in the practical shoe club — no extremes for me – I have a couple more weeks before my trip — I better get in gear 🙂


  10. I’m with you and Debbie: disgusted with the shoes and flabbergasted by the clothes, too. Who wants to be Cleopatra?! Not I!

    Clothes I can make; shoes I cannot. I’ve learned my lesson: Like the shoes? Go back and buy a second pair to save!

  11. I definitely like shopping for my home more than clothing. Shoes is a little easier than clothes, but home items are most fun.
    I do not like flat sandals because they are terrible on the back (according to me and according to my old orthopedic that I no longer need since I stopped wearing flats). I don’t mind platform wedges if they’re not way too tall. What I can’t stand are huge pumps or stilettos and I no longer wear those. The sandals that have a strap between your big toe and the next toe cause calluses so I gave those up a long time ago. I like Sketchers sandals with a bit of arched support. Love the Roman sandals on younger girls.

    This was girly and fun and I’m glad you shared it.
    Thinking of you. Sending blessings and prayers your way.
    Much love.

  12. So where did you find the ones you were looking for and what do they look like? I have already bought 5 pairs of flip-flops from kohl’s and still not pleased with any of them really.. But i can’t find a pair of basic comfortable brown sandals (or black) anywhere… HELP!

  13. Two words: Catalog shopping! I am with you, I would much rather shop for the home than for shoes or clothes. So I shop by the internet. I whimp out.

  14. Just found you over at Janette’s place. I don’t think I got any “merit badges” – cute post! Off to do some more reading! Come see me sometime ~~~ nice to meet you!