2011 Favorite Tablescapes: Playing in the Dishes

Welcome to My Place to Yours and a brand new year of playing in the dishes.  If you’re a new visitor, I hope you’ll feel very welcome … and come again often!
If you’re a longtime friend, I’m very glad you’re back. If you’re like me, different blogs evoke different emotions in you.  Some make me laugh; some make me cry; some inspire my creativity; some challenge me. There’s one blog that causes me to relax and slow down every.single.time. It’s Cabin & Cottage. While it’s true I was already working on this post when I saw Jacqueline’s The Year in Tablescapes, I guess “borrowing” her idea still makes me a copycat blogger.  I told her immediately.name
Other than the “year in tablescapes” idea, however, our posts have very little in common because Cabin & Cottage is the epitomy of a beautiful “white” blog … and this one isn’t. Jacqueline’s gorgeous white dishes and vintage linens. Her masterful way of combining elements into beautiful vignettes, and her photography that is so amazing I can only dream of ever achieving something so stunning. I love it all … but white would just never work at my house.  Maybe in a very small, self-contained space … but the reality is, I visit Jacqueline when I need a dose of calming white.  Thank you, Jacqueline for sharing such beauty with us all!

My Place to Yours:  Tablescapes of 2011

What fun I had playing in the dishes last year! My tablescapes aren’t as easily recognizable as Jacqueline’s, but these are my personal favorites. Does that mean they define my “style” … and does that style have a name?  I have no idea.  Any suggestions? (Click on any title to see the original post.)
January:  Winter Memory

February:  A Nod to St. Valentine

March:  Daffodils & Blue 

April:  A Royal Heritage 

May:  Family Treasures 

June:  Heart-Stopping-Beautiful China 

July:  He Loves Me … He Loves Me Not 

August:  Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

September:  A New Friend at My Table 

October:  Autumn Tablescape Inspiration

November:  There Are Dishes I DON’T Like …

December:  Seasonal Simplicity

Do you have a favorite?
This one’s still my all-time favorite. I hope you’ll check it out!

I’m partying at Between Naps on the Porch.  It’s Tablescape Thursday!


  1. I remember the “heartstopping dishes” so well…my heart still skips a beat! I also vividly remember the tribute to the Royal couple when they got married. That was an exquisite table! You had quite a wonderful year in 2011 with all the pretty ‘scapes, and I’m so looking forward to the 2012 creativity! Happy New Year!

  2. Every one of your tablescapes have been amazing. I have so enjoyed all of them. I look forward to more this year. Hugs, marty

  3. my favorite would be the january entry, winter memory. it looks so magical.

  4. oh gosh it’s hard to pick a favorite.. love the autumn dishes.. they still make my heart go dancing. I treasure them all and can’t wait for your show stoppers in 2012. xo marlis

  5. Of course, I’m thrilled that you’ve included the Haviland luncheon plates…but…my favorite has to be the magnificent table with the Tabriz…oh my…so opulent and gorgeous! I love the use of the ash tray and box for the florals. I’m thrilled that you’ll try to come for lunch in October. I also have maybes from Pondside and A Perfect Setting. You give us a table of four, if everyone can come, so I say the luncheon is on! We’ll see where it grows from here. Let’s pray for God to pour His favor on the possibility. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  6. Me again…I forgot…your style?…I’d say “Gracious Southern Elegance” Cherry Kay

  7. I like December..but every tablescape of yours are beautiful….. ” Myours style” ;d , hugs, Flavia

  8. A great review, Susan! I enjoyed looking back at your tables! They are the “Susan Style” which is wonderful, loving, welcoming and so very friendly! Wishing you a blessed New Year!

  9. Susan, I loved seeing your lovely tables again! “Romantic Elegance” is what popped into my mind as I scrolled through them. Your use of your lovely linens is one feature I always enjoy.

  10. Well, the family heirloom table was my favorite until I reached the end – what lovely models! Real tables with real people are always the best, no matter how much we like to play “dress up” with our dishes! It is hard to name your style, maybe Perfection!

  11. I went back and read the posting for your most special table. What a wonderful ministry. I will keep you (and those lovely young people) in my prayers. What an outstanding effort for these lost souls.

  12. Happy New Year my friend… I’m a little behind on my blog visits and post reading..

    Your recapture post was simply breathe taking! Each month a wonderful setting!!!

    Your most Special Table post! was truly special… to see the happiness and smiles on those beautiful little faces, despite all they have had to deal with in their young lives … the love, care and hope they are given … is a wonderful blessing not just to them but the world. One of those precious children maybe very well be the next Jane Austen, B. Franklin, Alexander Fleming etc. who changes the world!!

    Many continued blessings for 2012, xo HHL

  13. Thanks so much for the high praise, Susan! I’m very flattered. I’m more than happy to have you follow my lead in doing a year of tables. (The blogosphere is all about shared ideas.) I love your sparkly white winter table, of course! I hope you have a fantastic New Year! You’ve given my new year a big boost!

  14. They are all so beautiful…may I say, “can I come dine at your house”

    They are all inspiring…will check out your mentioned blogs, being reminded to slow down sounds good.

  15. Your tablescapes are beautiful! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite but I do love the December! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your sweet comments! I am following you now! Happy New Year!

  16. Do I have a favorite? Well, must you ask? 😉 The last with those beautiful smiling faces, of course, followed by August’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    Much love,

  17. Amazing tablescapes, I can’t wait to see more this 2012. I remember some, most even. I do love the last one with such beautiful girls. A gorgeous review of your talent in tablescaping. My doilys say in the back: Made in Switzerland, by NOUVEL. I love the runner and two doilis, I usually put the three on the formal dinner table. Thank you for sharing your stunning tables and for your lovely visit to me.
    Happy Kings Day!

  18. Hard to pick a favorite…LOVE your Lenox Holiday, but the October dishes are stunning!! That is a stunning pattern. All of your tables are gorgeous!

  19. I can’t pick a favorite! Every time I thought I had settled on one, I changed my mind. I remember the Breakfast at Tiffanys post(s)and loved them then and now.

    Because I love autumn, the autumn one is gorgeous to me. That one with the gold, (Royal Heritage?) knocks my socks off.

    But let’s be honest. They all pale in comparison to the BEST tablescape at the end.

    You had a great year of tables, Susan.

  20. These are all gorgeous! I may have to copycat a few 🙂 Thanks for your visit, I look forward to reading your blog!
    Cheers, Andrea

  21. Goodness! Each one is a masterpiece! Wishing you many blessings for 2012!

  22. Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!! All of them! Since I don’t have a year in Blogland under my belt yet, I’m especially grateful to those of you who have done these “year in review” posts, because I would’ve missed some awesome setting! I don’t know…that winter one might be “it” for me, but it’s a tough call! Thank you for sharing, and for visiting and commenting on my Three Kings table. ~Zuni