2012: A Clean Slate

I always love the week between Christmas and New Years.  If I’m home without company, I take down Christmas decorations and start the new year with not only the proverbial “clean slate,” but a clean house as well.  If, however, I am blessed to have after-Christmas company or am traveling, that just has to wait a little longer.  This year, it has to wait.
After a quiet “table for two” on Christmas Day, Renaissance Man and I drove to North Carolina to visit our youngest daughter and her family (aka Little Man and his parents).  We’re playing and working on some DIY projects they wanted to tackle, so today’s post is a tablescape inspiration board — because I’ve had no time to tablescape! (I hope to show you some DIYs soon.)
This week, my inspiration was a vintage card I saw on Etsy.  I hadn’t realized I was ready for some “softness” after weeks of the “heavy,” vibrant (but beautiful!) colors of Fall and Christmas.  Apparently I was.



So instead of the glitz and sparkle of a traditional New Years tablescape, I took a detour — and this is where it led …

Clockwise beginning at vintage card: New beginning ornament, floral plates, monogram H stemware, King’s Crown claret wine goblets, “Red Dazzle” tablescape, vintage linen mosaicwork towel
As 2011 draws to a close, do you find yourself thinking you wish it wouldn’t end … or that you’re soooo ready for it to be over — because it’s been a VERY long year?  I’ve felt both ways through the years.  Where does today find you?  However you feel, 2012 is just around the corner … and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

People Like You
by Joanna Fuchs
A brand new year!
A clean slate on which to write
our hopes and dreams.
This year:
Less time and energy on things;
More time and energy on people.
All of life’s best rewards,
deepest and finest feelings,
greatest satisfactions,
come from people–
people like you.
Happy New Year!

Best wishes for safe celebrating as you bring in the new year!

Won’t you join me for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch AND Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound?


  1. Great to see from where the inspiration comes.. It’s really intriguing.. Here’s hoping the new year brings much warmth, cheer and many, many blessings. xo marlis

  2. Cute, cute…creative and so pretty

    I love the change of the year and my mind works overtime as I look back while planning forward

    Glad you had a wonderful trip…sounds fun to me and what a joy to be with a grand child

  3. Hello Susan,
    I ran across your blog from Janette’s Sage. I ran across her’s from My Freshly Brewed Life. It’s fun how that happens. I love your post about starting the new year with a clean slate! I’ve been working on a post very similar. Right now it’s in a note on Facebook since my new blog isn’t up yet. But when it is I hope you will join me. It will be at http://www.gracenotesinspiration.com but right now I blog at http://www.gracetodayblog.com . We seem to have a lot in common: large family (I have 5 grown), living in TN ( I live near Memphis), love inspirational blogging, and a child of the King. God bless you in this new year as you start with a Clean Slate! Dayna

  4. Love the inspiration board. I’ve been thinking pink and green for more than a week now. How do I feel about the year? I pretty much try to think about just the day that the Lord gives me each day. Some days I more successful at that than others. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  5. It is a wonderful week after Christmas. My husbands company closes, so we are just having a relaxing vacation at home. I’m glad to get to meet you and stop by your sweet blog.
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  6. I always look forward to January 1 because it means I’m that much closer to the garden coming alive! Also, I am always excited to try to “get back on track” of whatever I detoured from. This year I’m going to re-prioritize things…God first, family second, etc.

  7. Happy New Year, Susan. I love the clean slate feeling of a new year. I will start dismantling Christmas, Lord willing, sometime next week.

  8. I hope you have a beautiful New Year! Your photos here are delightful. Thank you for sharing. Anne

  9. Soo pretty!

    My PINK, please come and see. Have a happy new year!

  10. I love the week between Christmas and New Years too. Hope and Peace in the New Year. HPS!!

  11. Visiting you via Beverly’s Pink Saturday and just wanted to say that your mosaic is delightful,
    I love vintage cards so whimsical & nostalgic!
    Happy New Year from Normandy.

  12. Hello! Visiting you via Pink Saturday and want you to know how blessed and inspired I am by your beautiful site! I will enjoy visiting here often and be uplifted by all the beautiful postings, photos and links you share. God bless you and Happy New Year!

  13. Gorgeous. Came to wish you a happy new year. Drop by to see my PINK when you get a chance. Thanks!

  14. i like your vintage collections, that card is pretty. Hope to see you in my Pink Saturday entries one and two. Happy New Year!