There are Dishes I DON’T Like … Gasp!

Hello all!  I’m so glad you stopped by to play in the dishes with me this week, but I’m sure you had no idea you’d be following me down Memory  Lane …
Several weeks ago my younger sister was out thrifting and sent me a text … with this picture.  We had a good LOL (laugh out loud)!  The pattern is Honey Gold by Taylor, Smith & Taylor … and it graced our table when we were growing up in the ’70s.  See what I mean about Memory Lane?

A few weeks later, I sent this picture to Little Sis with the text:  Should I?  What would Mom think?  We had another good LOL — then I bought the dishes.  Funny thing is, I didn’t really like them back in the ’70s (still don’t particularly!), but seriously … Don’t you think $4.99 is a great price for a trip down Memory Lane?  It would be worth it just to see Mom and Dad shaking their heads when they read this.  (Love you both!)

Quite honestly, I paid $4.99 to challenge myself to see if I could do a tablescape that I would actually LIKE — using the infamous dishes.
The first thing I did was cover them up — just a tad. I think it helped.  Sorry … you couldn’t have paid ME $4.99 to put the matching bowls on top of those pretty leaf plates!

I started with the heavy butterscotch-gold linen tablecloth I’ve been drawn to lately.  You last saw it HERE. Then I added the heavy jacquard napkins…

and placemats (used today as a runner) that I showed you how to save HERE.

A simple candle set inside a shallow wooden bowl … with leaves picked up right out of the yard.  Now that’s an easy centerpiece, don’t you think?

Gorgeous red goblets to complement the candle …

“I’ve had them for years” wooden leaf napkin rings to complement the leaves on the Better Homes & Gardens salad plates … and Mikasa Italian Countryside flatware to complement the ribbed look of the napkin ring. How’s that for a “thought process”-style tutorial?


Normally I would have “drizzled” acorns across the tabletop as a finishing touch, but this year I did something different.  If you’ve visited here lately, you know I’ve been on the road a lot.  When I returned from The Big Event, I had no desire to unpack my Fall decorations. Zero. The only thing I wanted to do was take a walk in the yard and enjoy the last of the blooming plants. As I snipped roses, I was drawn to the beautiful rose hips. They’re always a favorite sight at this time of year … but I’d never cut them to use in a tablescape … until now.  Brown acorns would have disappeared on this table, but look at the pretty “pop” of orange!

Oh yeah … I’ll definitely do it again!

I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Won’t you join me?
Sally List update …

I added my comment to the original post, but since this is my blog, I’ll tell you here, too …  TODAY I made the initial contact offering to host a luncheon for the residents of our local women’s shelter.  That’s one of the things on MY Sally List!  The response was very favorable, and I’ll let you know when we work out the details!
I’ve added a link-up to the Sally List post with a couple of posts some of you have written.  I hope you’ll add yours, too, if/when you post about The Sally List Challenge … so we can all stop by to read it and encourage you! Just click Sally’s picture … scroll down to the bottom of the post … and Add Your Link!
Have you made your Sally List yet? Click on Sally’s picture and leave a comment on the original post telling us what you’re doing!  Wondering “What’s a Sally List?”  Click HERE to read about it.  I sure hope you’ll join us in the challenge. Together we can make a difference!
<   Thankfully, Honey Gold was not the only dish pattern we had when I was growing up; it might have warped me … or worse, squelched the natural God-given love I have for beautiful dishes …  🙂
What about you? Did you like YOUR “growing up” dishes?


  1. Oh goodness you made me crack up! My mom also had this Corning wear dishes with an infamous stupid little brown flower and they were horrible too! The leaf plates are so pretty and paired with the not too pretty ones the table looks great, warm and inviting, such a lovely fall tablescape! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  2. I think we’re all slightly warped with what our mothers chose for everyday china. I know I was!!! My Mom had something that was so hideous, so vile….I shudder to think of it! You did a whale of a job transforming your childhood dishes into a pleasing tablescape that brought them into this century!!!!!! 🙂 The rose hips are a great addition to the natural table runner, too! Kudos all around!

  3. $4.99 for a PRICELESS trip down memory lane? I’d say you got a steal.

    I loved how you used these, Susan. The leaf plate you chose just proved that with a little TLC, any pattern can make a lovely table.

    I loved your centerpiece, too. I’m so daft that I didn’t know what roses hips were until I saw the picture.

    I haven’t done my Sally list deciding yet. I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past several days and am just now seeing the surface.

  4. great colors and texture, fab napkin ring~

  5. Your tablescape is so beautiful! I used the same fall chargers in my tablescape this week.

  6. Love, love, love your leaf plates. I’m not so sure about the 70s plates! But I can certainly appreciate your desire to walk down memory lane. Too funny!

  7. Great Table! Love the plates,Joann

  8. I love your table…it is fabulous. Your 1970’s pattern looks great with the 2010 patterns…I would love to see your parents face when they see shades of the past! The napkin rings are cute.

  9. Looks really pretty! I think my grandma had those too as they look really familiar! 🙂


  10. Fun way to bring back some memories! You dressed it up nicely with the red goblets and flatware!

  11. It looks great…I have to laugh because I keep seeing my aunt’s dishes at thrift stores from the 70’s…and think the same things, should I? I probably should buy a piece or two in memory of her.

    You got the chargers I wanted last year and now kicking myself for not buying.

    Great table! Now to check on Sally’s list

  12. What a great idea! No, I did not like my mother’s plate growing up…but now, I wouldn’t mind having them around after all. So many memories are attached to our dinner table.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, good luck in the give away!

  13. I bought the Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy because of my grandmother’s dinnerware…trip down memoroy lane, indeed. I love that you’ve initiated the process to do the luncheon for the Women’s Shelter. I remember when you said that you’d use the Haviland plates for the luncheon, if you won them. I hope that you do get to use them for those dear women. Thank you for inviting us for a peak at your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

  14. norbert demaline says:

    today was the first time I visited your website, I was trying to find the pattern for the fall better homes and gardens plates you used. I bought 3 salad plates the other day they look identical to the ones you used but I cant find the patter name,Do you know? I also have a platter that I bought last week at salvation army store here in winter haven fl. with no name only USA on the underside. now I know t t & S. thank you so much I started collecting nice looking china last years a hobby but it has gotten out of hand. I have so much I don”t know what to do with it. I use different dishes for every meal, some mix and match. I love to cook and set a nice table I am retired and soon will be 80 yrs old I think my hobby is keeping me young,and sure keeps me busy everyday. I look forward to hearing from you,and hope you knoe the pattern name for better homes and gardens fall plates. also add me to your email list. I know I will love your website. thanks God Bless , Norbert

    • Hi, Norbert. Welcome to My Place to Yours! I love that you’re approaching your 80th birthday and have recently discovered a new hobby. I call it “playing in the dishes.”

      I’m glad my blog has provided some information for which you’ve searched. Unfortunately, the Better Homes & Gardens plates are a bit tricky. I checked Replacements, Ltd. and found a pattern called “Harvest” that looked like one of my plates (except it had a different colored background), but some others in the “Harvest” pattern were different—so I’m confused. Sorry I don’t have a more definite answer for you.

    • norbert demaline says:

      Hello susan , thank you for your reply.about the B.H.& G salad dishes. I saw your winter tablescape for winter, it was just great. You are so talented. I have been playing in the dishes, and I am going to try doing a tablescape for Easter. . Its my turn to cook Easter Dinner, there will be eight of us. It will have to be a mix and match setting. Thanks again and god bless, Norbert. Love your blog