Santa Fe Style

It’s been over a week now since The Big Event but — can you believe it? — we’re still not back home yet. So far, we’ve traveled 2,300 miles in a loaded-down pickup, and we’re beginning to get a little road-weary … but it’s been a wonderfully enjoyable week with my best friend!
By the way, you all gave great “couple advice” in your comments to my last post: God first … pray with and for each other … best friends … remember you’re on the same team … don’t sweat the small stuff … keep your promise.
After the past several crazy-busy months, Renaissance Man and I decided that our trip from California back to Tennessee would NOT be a rushed one.  Even working along the way, we would take time for some much-needed rest and relaxation — and so we pushed hard some days … so that we could spend a couple of days at a nice B&B in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The last time I was in Santa Fe, I was barely three years old …

It was definitely time to go back!  I’m sure I “soaked up” more of the culture this time … and some things I saw and experienced are a post for another day.  But today, I have a few mosaic-style memories to share with you…

El Paradero


Santa Fe Blues


Santa Fe Turquoise

I thought about trying to connect with some of you blogging friends as we drove through Arizona and New Mexico — I would have loved to meet you! — but this trip wasn’t the right time.  I hope there’s a better opportunity in the future…
Have you ever been to Santa Fe? If you have — or even if you haven’t — what’s the first thing you think of when someone says “Santa Fe?”

I’ll be joining Mosaic Monday at Little Red House and Blue Monday at Smiling Sally



  1. Well first, I have to tell you that that little gal is very cute!

    And second, NO. I haven’t been there, and you have made it look wonderful. The chapel pictures were my favorite.

    It’s official. I need to drag my cotton pickin’ Georgia tail farther west.

  2. I love Arizona but have not visited New Mexico, it is definitely on my “list” – great photos! xo

  3. Yes, we have been to Santa Fe and loved it.

    Happy Monday to you

  4. I grew up in CA but my Mom was from Albuquerque and my grandparents lived there — we went every chance we got and Santa Fe was someplace we always enjoyed visiting. It always has had a very unique feel to it — I love the old town and of course the old church and the spiral stairs — I could live in Santa Fe I think 🙂


  5. Susan, I love your blues today.

    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  6. Hi Susan…my goodness but time flies when your havin’ fun bloggin’ and livin’ life. I’ve been doing lots of both without much time for visiting, so I’m just droppin’ in to say Howdy, and invite you to stop by CollectInTexas Gal.

    As times change for all of us, our Blogs seem to reflect those changes in our interests, and CITexas Gal has changed a bit with the addition of Tracks of My Texas Ancestors. Yep, I’ve been bitten by the Genealogy Bloggin’ Bug.

    I’d love to share the Blogging Genealogy Community with you. I hope you will have a minute to stop by and see/read the ‘May I Introduce You To’ interview Feature on CollectInTexas Gal/Tracks of My Texas Ancestors by GeneaBlogger.

    Sue…CollectInTexas Gal

  7. Oh I have pictures of my childhood visits…so it has been tooooooooooo long, must go again.

    Your pictures are great!

    To me when I hear Sante Fe it means art and southwestern

    Glad you had a nice trip

  8. Hi~ Ms. Susan…thank you so much for appreciating my blog picture sakura, it’s my first and im so new on this blogging world i am still feeling my way around..i love visiting and yours is one of my favorite. Thank you also for clicking the follow button i am so honored . .will try to post another one soon. God bless.

  9. Beautiful mosaics of Santa Fe. Yes, I’ve been to Santa Fe and it is one of my favorite cities. Some wonderful memories of Christmas. I lived in New Mexico for 23 years. Happy Monday!

  10. Beautiful photos and mosaic. I’ve never been there but I guess I think of spanish style homes etc.

  11. Great! thanks for the share!