It’s My Party …

Aging gracefully …  Last year about this time, I wrote about it in THIS post. Well, I now have another year of practice behind me, so Renaissance Man and I threw a party.
It was just a little party because our free time is virtually non-existent right now (yep, still working on THIS “little” project) … and because, quite honestly, we’re pretty simple celebrators when it comes to birthdays.
All we needed tonight were a few flowers from the garden…

some fun new Happy Birthday goblets from Dollar Tree… I LOVED these when I saw them!  They actually had two different styles, but these were my favorite! Can you believe they only had 3 of these — so obviously I’m looking for a few more!

and some casual dishes and napkins atop a favorite vintage runner… at the bar in the kitchen.

I played in the dishes while Renaissance Man cooked. Oh, yes, he did!  How I got lucky enough to marry a man who knows his way around the kitchen, I’ll never know!

Grilled tilapia topped with crab, shrimp, and a parmesan cream sauce
Fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes
Grilled asparagus

I forgot to take a picture of dessert … probably because it wasn’t around long enough!  At least this year we were smart and picked up two pieces of cake from a local restaurant for our celebration … instead of having to waste eat an entire cake!  I chose Red Velvet.  He prefers Coconut.

If you’d been here to celebrate with us, what kind of cake would you have chosen?

I’m joining the party at Between Naps on the Porch. It’s Tablescape Thursday!


  1. So cute! Happy Birthday! I saw those glasses at my Dollar Tree, so I bet you’ll find more. Your flowers are so pretty!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a fun table and cute, cute glasses with colorful flowers to match!

    I think that’s smart about the cake, and I would have chocolate on chocolate. And did I say chocolate?

    Many Happy Returns, Susan!



  3. Happy Birthday to my gracefully aging slightly older blog friend! I loved that post and will take every word to heart in just a few months.

    I loved your Happy Birthday tablescape, and as for cake? I would have picked the coconut of the two.

    Of ALL cakes? German Chocolate. Hand’s down.

  4. Happy Birthday Susan, your dinner sounds delicious and I love those goblets. You never can tell what you will find in the Dollar Tree! As for cake, coconut for me, but my all time favorite birthday cake would be chocolate with fluffy white icing! xo

  5. Your table is so much fun and I love the menu!! Happy Birthday!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. So lovely! Happy B’day!
    What a cute table. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. Oh, Happy Birthday! What a special celebration for a most deserving lady! Hope this is a great year for you!


  8. Hey, Susan! Happy Birthday, my sweet! Looks like you guys had a whale of a celebration! You ARE lucky to have a man who cooks!!! I can’t get mine to make a peanut butter sandwich! 🙂 I am going out for lunch today (my sweet friend is treating me…hooray!), so I’ll stop at the Dollar Tree nearby there to see if I can find you some more of those glasses in that pattern. How many more do you need?

  9. Wish my husband cooked, well he WILL grill a mean steak, but I can’t complain since he works hard and lets me play with dishes! lol Cute cute glasses! So fun, and your flowers are just beautiful! I’m thinking of cake right now, hmmm, maybe a moist lemon?? Truthfully, not too many flavors I’d pass up!! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy Birthday…wish my husband could find his way around the kitchen…cute glassware. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  11. Happy birthday, Susan!! I wish you many, many, many more blessings.

    I did not forget about stopping by yesterday. I’ve told you how much I look forward to your tables on Thursday, but I needed to rest a little more than usual.

    But today I’m back, with chili nonetheless. And here you are with delicious seafood. Oh my, I’m hungry. My favorite cake is lemon but among your choices red velvet for sure.


  12. I love those goblets. I wonder if I can fit a trip to Dollar Tree into my weekend.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! What a perfect way to celebrate. Your tablescape is adorable, especially with those cute glasses. Hope you find more! Make my cake coconut too!!!