A Hopeful Color Scheme

If you’ve ever planned a big event like a wedding or a family reunion, you probably realized at some point along the way that it had taken on a life of its own. Near the end, especially, you may have said, “What will be, will be.” (Listen carefully and you may be able to hear Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera in the background.)
Well, that’s the experience I had this week.  As I told you in THIS post, we’ve been working hard preparing to fill 6,000 square feet of this multi-level space with an exhibit telling the story of Hope Unlimited for Children in celebration of the ministry’s 20th anniversary.  The first three levels will be exhibit, but the top level will be set up for a cocktail-style party and short program.  In other words, although I don’t really get to set a pretty table, I do get to select linens — and that’s just about as much fun!

The first thing guests will see as they enter the lower level is this large 4′ x 8′ panel with our Mission Statement. This newly-designed graphic is making its debut right here at My Place to Yours.  Didn’t Hope’s designers do a fantastic job?  Look closely and you’ll see a favela (slum) along the bottom.  Hope’s kids come from this favela and others like it.

At first, I was struggling with what “feel” I wanted the upper level to have.  I knew I wanted to use colors that were “child-like” (think bright!) without being “childish” (think primary colors), but beyond that …  When I saw this design, I knew I’d found my inspiration!  A little bit of playtime at BBJ Linen, my favorite online linen rental company, and I found the floral fabric. I love how it complements the gorgeous Redwood Hall. Pair the floral with two lesser expensive “standard” colored cloths, and we’re going to have a party!

Inspiration … I’ve never mixed these particular colors before.  Blue and orange, yes, but I’ve never added turquoise.  Have you?
Where have you found color inspiration lately?

Less than two weeks away now. I’ll let you know how it turns out …
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To learn more about Hope Unlimited for Children, click on the link above or on my sidebar.  You can also search this blog to read more.


  1. Blue and orange have great energy, mellow and vibrant. Have loved visiting your blog via Tablescape day.

  2. This will be a lovely event! energized colors make for a lively get together. Good luck. have fun.. xo marlis

  3. My steeeenkin’ computer won’t show your pictures. I’ll try back again later. Hrmph….

  4. Heck, YES, that looks great!!! I LOVE that fabric!!! You pegged it, woman! Everyone’s eyes will be dancing! I’ve mixed those colors before and it happened quite by accident. Most of the stuff I do happens by accident, so you could say it was just another normal day! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the photos! Take a deep breath, and hang in there. It’ll all come together beautifully. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. I lift you in prayer again. I pray that you will “Walk and not grow weary, run and not grow tired, that you will rise up as on wings of eagles and soar.” I pray that God will pour His favor on you and fill you with an energy that you recognize can only come from Him during this busy, busy season. I can hardly wait to take the tour! Cherry Kay

  6. Oh Susan, the colors were worth waiting for and just fantastic! I love that print there. It reminds me of a kitchen just done by Janette on “Janette’s Sage”.

    Lifting you for continued strength for this mission. I know that God’s hands are all over it.

  7. Oh wow! I’m sure it will be spectacular! Love the colors.

  8. The colors are perfect! What a worthy cause.

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Love the colors! It will be beautiful! Good luck!

  10. I love the turquoise and orange…and the paisleys! The paisleys have a India-Indian feel to them!

    Have a great day!


  11. What a beautiful event it’s going to be. Your colors are so vibrant, the mood will be as such I’m sure.. I’ve enjoyed popping in from Tablescape Thursday. hugs ~lynne~

  12. What a beautiful event it’s going to be. Your colors are so vibrant, the mood will be as such I’m sure.. I’ve enjoyed popping in from Tablescape Thursday. hugs ~lynne~

  13. What an incredible opportunity to make a contribution of your creative talent! Love your inspiration colors. They will certainly have the pop and energy so appropriate for this event. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  14. Love the colors — I know this is going to be beautiful.

  15. You’ve certainly accomplished colorful without being childish! Love that print fabric. Can’t wait to see more

  16. Blue, orange and turquoise is going to be stunning…can’t wait to see it.

  17. Looks wonderful, Susan. Turquoise is my favorite color so as far as I’m concerned it’s perfect. Hang in there, it will all be just right. Don’t miss the details.

    Have a lovely weekend. Miss your tablescape so I’ll go check those links.

    Much love!