Festival of Tables: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday where Blogland takes “playing in the dishes” to a whole new level! If you’ve been following here for the past few weeks, you may have gone along with me on THIS trip to Tiffany & Co. when I was on a mission to find out What color is Tiffany Blue?  Or perhaps you saw THIS Table Jewelry tablescape.  I told you in that post that I’d be doing one more Tiffany’s-themed tablescape, and today’s the day. (Seriously, I’ve milked that one little shopping trip for all it’s worth, don’t you think?)


Last Saturday was the 2011 Festival of Tables at my church. I hope next week to show you all of the tablescapes, but today I’m just going to show you the one I did — and tell you how it came about …


Last January, my sister’s church in Texas did a Festival of Tables-type event to benefit their local food pantry. I showed you their tables HERE. Table hostesses were asked to decorate their themed tables with non-perishable items that would be donated at the end of the event. I loved that idea and wanted to use it when doing my own table this year.


When I started brainstorming about kinds of food I could use, I kept coming back to breakfast foods. And so, Breakfast At Tiffany’s began to take on a new look.


These were my criteria:
  1. Use a variety of non-perishable breakfast foods
  2. Find a classy way to make the foods “colorless” so they won’t clash with the Tiffany Blue!
  3. Limit colors on the table to white, ivory, silver, gold, black, and Tiffany Blue
  4. Use jewelry, especially pearls and diamonds rhinestones
  5. Use silver
  6. Use crystal/clear glass
  7. Include a monogram
  8. Make the table look full and luxurious — and make it sparkle!
  9. Don’t be lazy; pack up “the good stuff” and haul it to the church. Yes, even the sterling flatware and delicate crystal goblets …
  10. Be smart; use pillar candles rather than tapers. For years I’ve used tapers, and the air currents in the room even make dripless candles drip … and then the wax drips all over the tablecloth … and the after-event laundry takes longer. Avoid that this year!
  11. Have fun! 


I had to think hard to come up with a solution for #2, but I was pleased with the result …

  • Scan front side of each box.
  • Print black/white copy of box pic onto a full-sheet label.
  • (You could also copy directly onto the full-sheet label.)
  • Use 18K gold paint pen to add highlights.
  • Wrap boxes in wrapping paper; attach label.
  • For apple juice, cover label with ribbon and add a faux diamond.


All of the breakfast items were stacked on a large silver tray in the center of the table, and the piece de resistance, with its Tiffany & Co. logo, was tucked alongside. (Don’t know what’s inside? Click HERE.)


Somehow I totally forgot to get a picture of the entire table, so you’ll just have to imagine these beauties in two slender clear glass vases …


… and set near the ends of the tray.





It may be a non-traditional “take” on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but I couldn’t resist including a touch of Audrey Hepburn. I love this quote. My friend, Marcia, at One Heart At Home uses it on her blog …


I could have used silver napkin rings, but I opted for a simple “package” look at each place setting instead. After looking all over for Tiffany Blue ribbon, guess where I found it?  At Dollar Tree!


I used two chargers – one silver and one clear glass. The china is Platina by Franciscan.


The antique flatware is Kings Court by Frank Whiting. Sometimes it’s called Neapolitan.


The crystal stemware is Helena by Mikasa. It’s the same pattern as Helena by Spiegelau.





I cut ovals out of poster board and covered them with black velvet so the jewelry would show up better.



While the black velvet was still out, I made a quick jewelry stand.  (Think paper towel roll, ice pick cover, and silver candlestick.)  I loved the way it turned out!




So what do you think?  Did I meet my criteria?


I’ll admit that this was the most labor-intensive tablescape I’ve done in quite awhile … but it was fun. Of course, I’m a total pushover for tables dripping with jewels and radiating “over-the-top” sparkle!
How about you?  What’s YOUR favorite style of tablescape?  Do you like ones that dazzle — or do you prefer something more calming … or casual … or one with intense colors?  Leave a comment and tell me. I’d love to know!



If you want to see more tablescapes, join me at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday!



  1. Oh yes, Susan….. You put it over the top…just love how well your neutral collection of food items become the PERFECT center piece and backdrop for The Jewels… How fun & elegant you made breakfast at Tifs xxooxx

  2. What a gorgeous post! Looks so elegant. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. Well I see someone said it before me, but this is so gorgeous and creative! No other words for it. So original and pretty!

  4. Love.
    Such beauty…and Tiffany blue splendor…and all for such a worthy cause@@@!! i love the home made velvet jewelry tree/stand!!!!

    Lana In Italy

  5. Your centerpiece is absolutely ingenious. I love the monochromatic food items, the peacock feathers and the jewels.. the Audrey quote is wonderful. I love the pieces you chose and your napkin package.. Absolutely charming and lovely. xo marlis

  6. that was fabulous!

  7. Yes, I do love the sparkle and extravagance! Why not?? You really did a fantastic job on this, such creativity, and it turned out amazing! My daughter loves that quote by Audrey Hepburn! Your china, crystal, and the chargers are so beautiful, and they look so lovely together! I think my favorite part, though, is the velvet covered paper towel roll in the silver candlestick, how clever. It looks great with all the jewelry. Love this!

  8. Absolutely wonderful! I’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s so many times that I’ve lost count, and I love your interpretation. The jewelry stand is genius. Everything looks perfect. Thank you for sharing your glorious design. Cherry Kay

  9. This is amazing! And I am drooling over the flatware…

  10. What a gorgeous ….and generous table! Love all the bling and what a great idea with re-labeling the boxes to match your table — now THATS thinking outside the Tiffany box!

  11. Love the idea of the tables…what a great project and so much fun too! Your table is just to die for. I think Audrey would think it was divine!

  12. WOW!!! You sure did do alot of work…but it is beautiful! I am just in awe…..I love it all. I love jewelry, that’s why I makeit and sell it! What a fantastic idea.
    Blessings My Friend,

  13. Oh, you clever, clever girl! I just love your creativity. You were so smart to make the food neutral and let that Tiffany blue shine. I have always loved that quote by Audry Hepburn. Your extra efforts really paid off. This is just outstanding! As far as what I like, I am a more casual girl for my own tables but I just love looking at ones that dazzle. I just don’t think I have the “dazzle gene”. 🙂

  14. Do you know how SLOWLY I had to scroll through this to be able to enjoy all the wonderful details? This is one my favorite ones that you have done. I loved your whole plan and the details the you used to execute it. I love the way you incorporated the idea to donate food. It’s all really wonderful!

    Once I got through looking at the details, I noticed the beautiful place setting itself. And the napkins with the “gift wrapped” look was a perfect touch.

    Just LOVELY!

  15. You put together such an amazing table setting, I would love to sit at that table.

    Beautifully done, I think breakfast at Tiffanys has a new meaning.


    Karin Şen Cankan

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed your Tiffany tablescape. It was ingenious!

  17. OMG! Susan, so much fun!

    Just beautiful, what time should I arrive? LOL! I love your setting, and the china is just glorious. You always do such a good job with these tablescapes – inspirational for sure!

    Listen, I have a new series on my blog called: “A Picture is Worth …” I’m trying to get back to posting pictures about my house, and I’d love it if you’d come by and see the bar in the dining room! 🙂


  18. You did an amazing job! What a creative solution the colorless foods it really made the Tiffany box stand out. Love the antique flatware I wish I owed some of that. The whole table setting was so pretty. If you get a chance please stop by our teatime giveaway. Thanks, Mom from Cottage and Broome.

  19. You totally pulled out all the stops and let your creativity flow! The scanning idea and the jewelry stand are just genius!!! Beautiful table for a great cause!

  20. Susan, I’m almost in tears…over a tablescape!!! This is so gorgeous!! “Pura belleza.” (Spanish for pure beauty.)

    Your food label ideas are ingenious and that’s so sweet of you to link the quote to my place.

    I am beyond impressed. I must admit this is my favorite tablescape of all time. Okay, I’m scrolling through a second time.

  21. Oh, Susan, this is definitely worth two comments. There are so many details I could linger all day.
    I love what you did with the candles–very smart.
    I have the exact same ribbon. It was actually a gift from my friend, Leslie, at Goodbye, House Hello, Home!
    You also chose the perfect china. I think the color is almost like the napkin is floating on a cloud of cream–it’s so light and dreamy.
    I agree with going with the ribbon instead of more shine. Its simplicity reminded me of another one of my all time favorite quotes (I collect them, btw).
    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”~Leonardo da Vinci

    You added the perfect touch of simplicity to a very lavish table–with the napkin ribbons and the breakfast foods, bringing it all to the “piece de resistance”–God’s Word–being the most fulfilling of all. I think it’s all perfect!

  22. Thanks for directing me back here and I do remember seeing it! I love all the silver and jewelry you used. Funny that my daughter would admire Audrey Hepburn since they are so different-my daughter is a tall, athletically built blonde! I do think they both have style though!

    Robin Flies South