APPLES FOR THE TEACHER: A Back to School Tablescape

Has it happened in your neighborhood yet? Have the kids headed back to school?
In my community, tomorrow is the first full day of school.  Unbelievable!
Even if you still have a little bit of Summer left where you live, I’m sure the signs are all around you.  I’ve been seeing them for a long time …
Blog Memories.07.jpg
These displays always make me smile.  Daughter the Older LOVED school supply shopping — even when she was in college! Something about all of those beautiful blank notebook pages and freshly-sharpened pencils …
Hmmm, me thinks she came by it naturally!
While I’m busy this week getting my table ready for Festival of Tables, I’m going to show you one of the tables from last year’s Festival. If you’ve visited here in the past, you may remember seeing a mosaic of this table, but today I’ll show you a few more pics.
This table was done by a creative young school teacher.  It’s definitely a table with a TOPICAL theme like we talked about HERE.   Bright red apples are an “expected” element in a SCHOOL-themed table.  Notice the apple place card holders and the apple topiary …
Red apples just lend themselves to using beautiful colored glassware, don’t they?
The table hostess was fortunate to have a casual set of China Pearl Apple dishes to use.  Notice how she added vinyl letters to a clear glass plate — and set it atop the Apple plate.  It adds an entirely new dimension to her tablescape, doesn’t it?
I love how the vintage desk and the school girl in her blue dress add another “pop” of color to give a visual break from the red and green.
If you are a teacher or school personnel heading back to school this year, thank you! Your work is important. Our students need you!
May the year ahead be filled with minimal frustration and maximum reward for your efforts.
How about you?  Did you (do you) like shopping for school supplies?  What’s your favorite “school days” memory?
Tell us!  We’d all love to know!


I’m linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I loved shopping for school supplies, I loved picking out a new “pencil” case and notebooks and in higher grades “looseleaf” binders. These tables are fun! Apples are always a fun theme. xo,

  2. I feel so badly, I forgot to tell you how much i love the Marilyn plate… It’s been a hectic week around here. I did manage to do a ‘scape with it before we left for the weekend.. Thank you again..
    I’m so glad you shared this fabulous table.. great idea for the stickers on the clear plates.. wow. Also love the shape of the red glasses. The apples are perfect place card holders.. so much thought was put into the table!
    xo marlis

  3. What a fun! Cute post and love the apple theme:) The colours look gorgeous!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. School doesn’t start here until after Labor Day but the ads are on tv, in the paper and stores are full of school supplies and fall clothes. It was always fun to go out with the prerequsite list of supplies to purchase and the kids in tow wanting things not on the list. It’s been a long time since those days now. The tables are beautifully done and I like the alphabet plates. ~ Pamela

  5. Love the vinyl letters on the glass plates. I have to share that with my daughter-in-love who is the President of her PTA. Darling tablescape. Thank you for sharing the design. I look forward to this year’s event. Cherry Kay

  6. Oh please, NO. It’s not time for school yet!!! I feel like I’m just getting into the swing of summer. I’m glad I have a vew more weeks in my neck of the woods.

    – The Tablescaper

  7. It does seem weird that the kids are all headed back to school already! Back in “my day” we didn’t go back until after Labor Day. My only reminder that it is Back to School time is the barrage of commercials on TV. I actually saw HALLOWEEN stuff in the store the other day. Already!!! Great apple table. Very creative!

  8. Oh beyond cute! Love the dishes and the sweet doll.

  9. I thought my duaghters school here in Istanbul opened early September 1st.

    Wow that is early.

    Lovely table setting.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  10. Our kids are off until the day after Labor Day. This is a darling table. Love the letters on the plates — what a cute idea.

  11. What a cute table. As a former high school teacher, I would love to sit down for lunch here!

  12. I LOVED getting school supplies and STILL love to go to Staples!! Here in NYS, the kids go back to school after labor day. But back to school is in the air. This table is adorable and clever.

  13. Ooh, can’t wait to see what you share from the Festival of Tables. So many pretty ideas.

    Love this school-themed table, so creative. I especially liked the tiny bench in the center, not the one with the doll (although that’s cute too), the smaller one standing alone.

    Thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping by. Went to HomeGoods yesterday and got a couple of items for my kitchen table. No new table yet (using my old one for now), but new placemats, sugar bowl and creamer yes. 😉 That’s me, I’ll totally get distracted by inspiration.

    Enjoy your weekend, Susan.

  14. Kudos to that teacher for creating an inviting, clever, beautiful theme table. Her students are lucky to have such a creative mind teaching them.

  15. Susan, this is just absolutely adorable. I love all the elements that the teacher used for that table and how she took it over the top with those vinyl letters on the plate. THAT was a small touch that added so much, and the apple topiary was very clever. I wouldn’t have expected that. Someone was using her creative noggin, and I think the kids who have her as their teacher are mighty blessed.


    Sheila 🙂

  16. Well, first, I loved the table!

    About school supplies, I loved it as a kid, but I have been praising God that those days are over as a mom. Mainly, they took all the fun out of it by creating mandatory lists that were so complex and specific that it became more of a hunting expedition than a shopping trip.

    And the aisles… oh the aisles… they that steal away the smiles.

    That’s my Edgar Allen Poe way of saying that it was a mad house of buggy laden crazies all vying for the same six inches of space.