The Decision of the Flower: He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not

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I grew up playing it with daisies …  A game of French origin, according to Wikipedia, in which one person attempts to determine whether the object of their affection will return their affection … or not.

I don’t know how long the game has been played, but this engraved illustration from an early English translation of Goethe’s Faust was first published in 1820.  It’s called, appropriately, The Decision of the Flower.

Picking off one petal at a time, the person playing the game alternates the phrases

He loves me …

He loves me not …

until the final flower petal is plucked  — and the decision of the flower is determined.

I’m so glad I never have to pick flower petals or wonder if Renaissance Man loves me.  All I have to do is look out my windows or walk around my yard and see all of the beautiful flowers he grows!  Even when he’s traveling and not present at home … the flowers speak loudly of his love for yours truly.

I recently returned home from a meeting, and was met by a gorgeous sight.  What a nice surprise!  (If you look closely, you can still see THIS Shabby Country tablescape peeking from beneath the flowers.)

And this was my kitchen one day last year …

We love having fresh flowers — and sharing them with friends. Flowers always seem to lift people’s spirits! Could you use a little lift of the spirit today?  If so, perhaps this hard-to-find flower series set of Royal Cauldon plates is a good starting point … paired with a favorite double damask (reversible) tablecloth.

Every plate features a different flower …

… and a stunning embossed dot border.

I layered them with clear ribbed glass chargers and Mikasa Italian Countryside dinner plates.

Then I paired them with the real deal …

… in a vintage ironstone pitcher …

… and set them amidst floating candles in a large Italian Countryside serving bowl.

Dollar Tree goblets … and vintage amethyst and gold brandy snifters add more soft colors to the table.  (There’s also a blooper here. Do you see it?)

And … my most flowery flatware — Oneida Raphael

How would you describe the “feel” or “mood” of this tablescape?  If you missed it, I recently posted HERE about “stylishy moody” tables.

I wish we could be sitting here together sharing the beautiful fragrance of these He Loves Me flowers.  It’s really amazing!

I hope your spirits have been lifted today by the beauty of nature.  It’s such a wonderful gift we’ve been given, isn’t it?

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  1. You certainly know how close you are to God when you behold the beauty of those flowers. Your dishes are devine. Cherish that hubby of yours..he’s a keeper.
    Two Tulips Talking

  2. I love it, and I dub the mood to be romantic. In fact, I would name this one “head over heels”. Your Renaissance Man and my Sir Lotsa Hair are brothers of the heart. That much is obvious.

    It’s all just beautiful, Susan.

  3. We always played the daisy game, too, but took it one more step. If it turned out that he loves you, you would take the yellow center apart-throw them (seeds?)in the air -try to catch them-how many you catch is how many children you will have!!!! My husband doesn’t garden, but he brings me flowers often-he calls the type of flowers your husband grows “Happy Flowers” !!!

  4. Oh how lovely! Your flowers are all gorgeous — the real ones as well as your china. How amazing those bunches of flowers in your kitchen are. Lovely.

  5. WOW! Just plain WOW from start to finish. Gorgeous. Mood…old money elegant. Thanks for sharing your beautiful design and oh those flowers. Cherry Kay