Cleaning Silver

As a “thank you” for the interview I recently did for the StainTalk blog (You can read it HERE), Carbona sent me a little package.

Inside were a couple of samples of Carbona Color Grabber Cloths. (I already knew these worked!)

There was also a brochure about Carbona Stain Devils.
If you’ve read my blog very long, you know from THIS post that I’m a BIG Stain Devils fan.
So when I saw these Carbona Silver Wipes, I was excited.  I’ve been wanting to try them. Supposedly they work on gold, copper, brass, and pewter, too!

These handy little wipes certainly promised to be a lot less messy than the silver polishing creams, but I wondered … Would they work? I’d just picked up these two monogrammed napkin rings a couple of days before, so I let them be the guinea pigs.

I started with the M.  It’s a pretty napkin ring, but it’s pretty tarnished.  We’ll see …

After less than a minute, I could already see a big difference!

And after just a very few minutes more, the wipe was pretty dirty…

… and the napkin ring was pretty clean!

Look at the difference after only about 5 minutes …

After just a few more minutes …

OK, I’m sold. I’ll definitely try these wipes again.
Carbona, is there anything else you want me to try? Send me another little package, and I’ll check it out, too! 


My usual disclaimer

Just so you’ll know … I am NOT:
* a Carbona employee *
* related to a Carbona employee *
* paid by Carbona for using their products
* a recipient of any free products from Carbona * Oops! Can’t say that anymore. Thanks, Carbona!
I am, however, a VERY satisfied customer who has enjoyed many nice “saves” through the years thanks to their products … and I’m a nice person — so I’m sharing this info with you!
I’m joining the Metamorphosis Monday party at Between Naps on the Porch. Stop by to see all of the great Before and After projects!


  1. Great transformation.Beautiful napkin rings. Ginger

  2. Thanks for the tip — I’ll be on the lookout for both of these products.

  3. I’ll look for the wipes. They’d be perfect for touch ups. Thanks. Cherry Kay

  4. They really did work great! I will look for them to try on brass. Thanks for the information!


  5. I have a really easy way to clean silver…Line a pan with aluminum foil…add water…dump in some baking soda…bring water to a boil…remove from heat and drop in the silver…instant polish! It is miraculous! Some kind of chemical reaction….

    But I would try these wipes too! Anything that makes it easier!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lou Cinda

  6. I was actually looking for a new silver polish to try. Providence!
    I had just about used up some that I had, and I hadn’t actually been that thrilled with it.