Two-Color Theme Tables … TWO of them!

Welcome to My Place to Yours — and to another day of playing in the dishes!
If you’ve been following my Tables With a Theme posts, you know that last week we talked about TOPICAL themes. (If you missed Part 1, you can read the posts HERE and HERE).
Earlier this week we started Part 2 – the COLORFUL theme — which I wrote about HERE. Today, I’m going to show you two tablescapes that use color-combining themes. It just happens that I did both of them recently while visiting my parents … and playing in their dishes!


I flew from Tennessee to


where I feel right at home with cowboys and pick-up trucks …


and Longhorn cattle — although I prefer these vintage salt and pepper shakers!


You might be thinking this sounds like a topical theme rather than a COLORFUL one, but when I look at this table, what I see is red and yellow!
Besides, this little red and yellow bowl was the inspiration!


Pops of red in the linens —


and yellow in the sunflowers — continue the color-inspired theme.


Of course, when the twiggy stuff and the Texas roadrunner and quail were added, the table takes on a rustic feel as well.


We’ll talk about “feel”-inspired themes next week, but for now let’s enjoy color!


If you noticed something peeking from inside the inspiration bowl — and are wondering what it is — here’s a closer look …


Still wondering?


It’s a javelina (pronounced have-a-leena) skull that my Dad carved into a bolo for his neckerchief when he was an Eagle Scout. Lots of interesting family history there!


Here’s a view from the other side of the table …


… but what I’d really like right now is a glass of Mama’s sweet iced tea!


* * * * *


For our second COLORFUL table, let’s switch from roadrunners and quail to bluejays and bluebirds. At first glance, you might — once again — think this is a topical table.


But it was these pink and blue napkins that challenged me.


I didn’t even notice the little birds on them until much later!


This was a simple lunch table …


… with a little visual treat for dessert!


We shopped the house for “pinks and blues” … and this figurine became the starting point of our centerpiece.


It was the very first “pretty” Mother ever bought for our house — and she bought it with Texas Gold Stamps in the early ’70s.
Does that bring back memories for any of you?


Since we had “pink and blue” — and one bird — we shopped some more … and found these birds Mom got for Christmas one year from my niece.


 … and then these.


This piece is from the San Francisco Music Box Company, and it plays That’s What Friends Are For. My daughters and I gave it to Mom many years ago.


I still love seeing these two little birds playing in the water faucet!


Beautiful roses from Mom and Dad’s garden added a final punch of pink in the “pink and blue” tablescape.


So pick a color (or two) — any color!


Look around your house and see what you already have that you can use in a tablescape. If you don’t have enough dishes for a big group, don’t worry about it!  Use what you’re learning about themes and apply it to a simple tabletop vignette. Or (yes, I’m serious) set a table with colorful paper plates and napkins.  Then, thinking about the colors in your plates, “shop the house” (or attic, basement, garden …). You just might be surprised what you can pull together!


I hope you’re having fun thinking about TOPICS and COLORS for your tablescapes. I certainly have been! But, since I’ve got to stay a week ahead of you, my mind is already thinking about Tables With A Theme: Part 3 – The STYLISHLY MOODY Theme.


I hope you’ll stop by again on Sunday night when we’ll begin the third and final week of the Tables With A Theme series.  Soon after that, I’ll be announcing something special I’m planning to celebrate my one-year blogging anniversary. You’ll all be invited … of course!


I’m joining Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.
Trust me … You don’t want to miss the party!


  1. What a stunning table!Beautiful colours and great shots too!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. Both tables are incredible! Love the story of the bolo!

  3. I thought they were both such pretty tables. I am drawn to a red and yellow combination so I suppose that is my favorite. It’s really a toss up, though.

    Hmmm… what are you planning for a bloggaversary? Is it a party? And can I come?

  4. little birds with pink flowers are awesome and looks very beautiful. I also noticed same thing.
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