Family Treasures

It’s been another busy week of travel at My Place to Yours, so I’m sharing a tablescape I did recently when I visited my sister in Texas.  Although she appreciates a pretty table, tablescaping is not “her thing” — yet.  But we had lots of fun playing in her dishes! She laughed at me for “shopping the house,” but I think you’ll agree that she had some nice things to choose from!


As it turned out, we used family treasures.  Some from our family …
and some from her husband’s family.


This gorgeous Homer Laughlin Apple Blossom china once belonged to her husband’s grandmother.


Easy to see why we were inspired, isn’t it?


The “simple but elegant” glasses were her mother-in-law’s. I wonder if they were made by Fostoria.  Anyone know?


The Oneida Michaelangelo stainless was also from her mother-in-law.  I have a set as well, and I love how it dresses up a table!


The handmade Lenwile Ardalt-Taiwan swan planter was a specially-selected gift Sister received from our Grandma shortly before her death in 1982.  I recently shared Grandma’s china HERE … and wrote about her courage HERE.


Tucked inside the planter is a crocheted doily made by our Grandmother who I told you HERE was rarely seen without some sort of needle in her hand!


The book elevating the swans belonged to our Granddaddy — the one who I told you HERE instilled in me the love of auctions.  This fabulous old Bible story book holds wonderful memories for our family. My sister is its newest caretaker.


The beautiful leaded glass bell is another treasure once belonging to my sister’s mother-in-law.  And the candlestick is one of a pair I gave her years ago. It came from an antique shop … so it was once some other family’s treasure.
Now it’s part of my sister’s story …


Same with her vintage cutwork tablecloth. I rescued it from another family’s discards … and gave it to her. Although we didn’t use them in this tablescape, the cloth came with a gorgeous set of matching napkins.


This beautiful tapestry-turned-temporary-runner gave us just the punch of bold color we needed to tie everything together. She rescued it awhile ago … and this was the first time she’d ever done anything with it.  I hope it’s not the last!


Thanks, Sister, for playing in the dishes with me! I only wish we lived closer so we could do it more often …


I’m partying at Between Naps on the Porch.
Won’t you join me?


  1. Well, you got me coming and going with this one since I’m not only a huge lover of anything PINK, I’m also a huge lover of using family pieces, shopping the house, and especially tablescaping with a sister.

    I hope you gave her the *bug* and she starts a long distance tablescaping hobby with you.

    I love those dishes! They were my favorite part.

  2. Just beautiful and it’s more so because of all the sweet memories that everything on the table brings to mind! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your family treasures are the things that certainly make me do a double take. they are lovely and beautiful and I’m so glad you get to be the keeper of the treasures. xo~marlis

  4. Your sister had a lot of treasures to create a tablescape with. The dinnerware is so pretty. And you did a great job putting everything together….Christine

  5. YOur sister must have been amazed at the fabulous table you turned out from shopping her house.

    – The Tablescaper

  6. You well know that I am all about cherishing and using family treasures. You all obviously had a blast. You all created a gorgeous, elegant tablescape. Don’t know about the goblets for certain, buy I think that Fostoria is probably a pretty good guess. I’ll bet that you can find them in the Replacements pictorial catalog. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. You’re going to love the cake balls! So many possibilities. Cherry Kay PS. Keep you eye out for some reasonable Wedgwood Countryware dinner plates.

  7. I wonder if your sister will take up this obsessive hobby we have of tablescaping? She certainly has nice things to start with! Linda

  8. Oh I think the table turned out gorgeous!! I love the colors and how everything has a history, so sweet. I am looking forward to reading the stories about your grandma 🙂

  9. We both had a sister theme for our tables this week! The table you and yours put together is lovely and meaningful, with all the family treasures. The apple blossom dishes are wonderful! Thank you for visiting my table this week.

  10. The Apple Blossom dishes are wonderful. Love all the elements on your table…

  11. I love the cutwork tablecloth. Back when I was in high school I used to do cutwork, only on a small scale, I’d make (I know this sounds crazy) liners for bun warmer bowls. They were very pretty and took me a long time to do.

  12. Lovely table…the dishes are delightful.

  13. Hi lovely lady. I love your Beautiful Tablescapes with your Apple Bloson China so lovely!!!
    I miss your lovely comments sweet lady. I hope you and your family have a Great Memorial Day weekend.

  14. What fun to be able to shop your sister’s house and set such a lovely table! The tablecloth is beautiful, as is the china. I love those goblets, too. Your centerpiece is quite clever. Most of all, the sentimental value of the items and the memories of loved ones are the most precious!

  15. Hi Susan,

    Wow! This is the sweetest post! I love how you incorporated so many family heirlooms into this tablescape. Those dishes are the best! They are beautiful and sweet and grandmotherly, somehow. The tablecloth is lovely, and your Bible story book and the swan planter are really inspired touches. It looks like you and your sister had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.
    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. Enjoying looking over some of your past posts and imagine my surprise when I saw my Michaelangelo silver on your sister’s table followed by my Egermeier’s Bible Story book (actually mine is my mother’s). Loved this pretty tablescape!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents