Tiptoeing Through The Tulips En Route to Brazil

As I write today’s post, I’m sitting in the Chicago airport next to Renaissance Man — waiting on our flight to Brazil. As my oh-so-kind regular readers already know, we’re going to see the children and staff of Hope Unlimited for Children. I’ve told you about them in two of my favorite posts; favorites because they stretched me to share for the first time in Blogland some of my deepest thoughts and emotions. You can read them HERE and HERE if you like.
When we left home several hours ago, I wanted so badly to cut a huge bunch of tulips and take pictures, but there was no time. Today’s tablescape was done last week when red, yellow, and orange were the predominant colors in the tulip bed. This morning, the tulips in bloom were mostly in shades of pink and purple and beautiful whites (with green centers) … and I hope there will be enough still in bloom when I get home — any color! — so I can tiptoe through the tulips and cut some more to share with you.  For now, let’s mix some of my favorite Spring decorating elements with the color RED.  I’ll keep the commentary to a minimum.  Please enjoy!
The tulips in the centerpiece are Peony Flowering Tulips.
They smell wonderful!

Now let’s change the centerpiece and use these beauties …

Didn’t Renaissance Man do a fabulous job growing these?

I’m so glad you stopped by today!
I’m sorry I won’t have any time to visit many (any?) of you this week, but know that you are in my thoughts.
From afar, I’ll be celebrating Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch with the rest of you!
Have a great remainder of your week!


  1. Susan, these are glorious, and I love the tablescape. So pretty. How wonderful to have tulips blooming!

    I’m sending you and your hubby all the best and pray for traveling mercies for you.


    Sheila 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous! I love your centerpiece with open tulips and you say they smell nice, I love flowers that smell nice as you walk in the house! Your tablescape is beautiful, I love it all, very nice.
    God bless both of you on your journey to Brasil.

  3. It’s exquisite! The flowers are just beautiful and burst on the table. I also love your linens. I know you’re a kindred soul for table linens.

    I hope you have a safe and blessed trip to Brazil. It’s a wonderful mission!

  4. Susan safe travel and prayers.beautiful flowers. I live about 15 miles from one of the US largest producers of Tulips next to Holland. They are just now coming into bloom. People come from thousands of miles to see the fields..you can’t imagine the site.

  5. Your tulips and table are just beautiful! blessings to you and your husband as you travel!

  6. love your tulips

    prayers for a safe trip.


  7. Wonderful table setting. Love both centre pieces. Prayers to you and your husband on a safe and happy trip. Diane

  8. OMG! What a gorgeous tablescape!
    Loved your Tulips 🙂


  9. Beautiful table decor!! The centerpiece is very pretty.. I love napkins as well!!

  10. Beautiful table-the tulips make it even more so! I love the red goblets-they’re next on my list of must have’s! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful trip.

  11. I really like the red pitcher centerpiece with the tulips. Gorgeous!

    Your linens are so beautiful…and those deep red goblets sing to me!

  12. Just beautiful. Those flowers just take my breath away! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  13. You were so right to let the tulips take the starring role in your tablescape. I’m amazed by all of your gorgeous flowers. Your table is lovely. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay