The Big Event: Table Linens for All Occasions

This post includes tablescapes — lots of tablescapes. I should tell you that most of these pics are ones I’ve saved in my ideas file — and I don’t know where they came from. As with all pics on this blog, please do not use them without permission — and I can’t give you permission on most of these since it’s not mine to give!)

I’m showing you these pictures because they all have something in common.

Besides being creative!

For one thing, they’re all “event” settings.

The season for big events is getting close, isn’t it? When the snow melts, Spring parties begin …

All of these tables are covered …

… with beautiful table linens.

Linens that …

… almost certainly …

… were RENTED.

Several years ago I needed to rent table linens for a large event. To say that my local choices were extremely limited is an understatement.

So I searched online … and found BBJ Linen.  With representatives and/or showrooms in at least two dozen major cities, they are the largest linen rental company in the U.S.

BBJ Linen was my lifesaver for that event … and for several events since then!  All I have to do is select the linens I want, request samples if necessary, then place my order. BBJ Linen ships the linens to me wherever I’m going to be. They’ll even ship internationally!  When the event is over, I just stuff the dirty linens into their pre-addressed duffle bags — and call FedEx to pick up.

Can it get any easier than that?!!!

So why am I telling you this?  Well, the most obvious reason is that you might find yourself in need of beautiful linens for a special event. A less obvious reason is that if you go to their main website, you will find hundreds of fantastic “event” tablescapes! Seriously … the slideshow on their home page goes on forever and has the most fantastic ideas! You can also click on the Photo Gallery tab and see tablescapes — divided by theme! What a great resource!

But the you’d never know it otherwise reason I’m telling you about BBJ Linen is that last week I received an email announcing that they’ve just opened the online BBJ Linen Store where I … you … we can purchase elegant and affordable gently-used linens at up to 90% off the regular price!

Beautiful fabrics — large swaths of fabric — at great prices …

It’s time to think outside the box!
I once rented their chair ties to swag the aisle at my youngest daughter’s wedding. My memory is that the ties are 15″ wide and 120″ long. They’re now available online — in select colors and fabrics with inventory changing often — for $2 each!  While I realize that quantities may be limited in some styles, WHERE can you buy that much quality fabric for $2?

Tablecloths (as large as 108″ x 156″ for only $20-25) could be used to make a statement like this …

… or turned into fabulous economical window treatments …

… or bedding — canopy, dust ruffle, duvet cover, pillows.

Of course, you can also make table runners — or clothing — or …

Let your imagination run away with you!

In fact, see if you can catch up with me … I’ve already been thinking about this for a week — and dying to tell you about it!

I have just one request:  When you use your newly-purchased, “deeply discounted,” high-quality fabric for a project, send me an email with a picture — or a link to your Met Monday post!  I don’t want to miss seeing it! I have a feeling there are some fantastic fabric projects just waiting to happen! Why don’t you leave me a comment and tell me what’s running through your head already …

Go forth and create!

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  1. Sounds like a great source.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. How awesome is that?!! I’m going to head over and take a look and probably get lost in their site!
    🙂 Thanks for giving us the inside scoop Susan!

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    It is so nice to meet and follow you!

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  4. Thanks for the info and the inspiration pics! I’ll be heading over to take a look – can’t resist anything to do with table linens!


  5. Had to come back and say how much I LOVED looking at all those fabulous tablescapes! What a terrific slideshow and a great way to pass some time! Thanks again for sharing!


  6. Hi Susan,
    that are good new! I love beautiful tableclothes but here in Germany they run out of mode, I feel. People are turning more and more to protect the table just with placemants. My table is not so nice to show it so I use always tablecloth. I will have a look at this page. You showed wonderful events. The tends with all the party tables are so gorgeous adorned. Thank you so much for following me.
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. Gorgeous!!!!

  8. wooohoooo! This is just a great little piece of news. I can hardly wait for my sister to mention it. I’m pretty sure this was the first blog besides mine that she followed, and she’s going to be all OVER this one.


  9. Susan, this was great inspiration for any and all of us but I especially appreciated it with the new house move coming this weekend! Thanks! Mindi of Mom and Wifedom

  10. Susan…what an informative and timely post!! As a part-time caterer, I have some collections of table linens in basic (white, black, ercu & maroon) colors and am excited about rentals. When we lived in a larger city, I used rentals all the time but since we moved rurally, there isn’t any place close. This is the perfect solution. BTW, if you were wanting to buy some, ebay is the place 🙂


  11. A great post! Thank you! I am new to your blog…Blessings My Friend,

  12. Susan, thanks so much for this info and the link! I have been wanting to build my collection of round tablecloths, and this sounds like a great way to do it!

  13. Susan, thank you so much for this information! I am looking forward to checking out the link for tablescapes. Have a great week!

  14. Oh did I just love this post. The last image was my favorite! Well done.

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  17. Such gorgeous tables and weddings.

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  18. Such beautiful rooms and tables…
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  19. What a lovely way to decorate with out having to buy new stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Hi Susan! Just coming back over to say thanks so much for linking this up to the party this week! 🙂

  21. I would love to attend each and every party using those linens. What a perfect source. Happy Pink Saturday, Char