Pink Christmas

Last Spring while in Campinas, Brazil, I found myself at a thrift store. Imagine that… Unfortunately, the group I was with insisted we had only 10 minutes to shop. And they weren’t kidding. So, I could (a) complain that it wasn’t enough time or (b) SHOP! Easy choice! Ten minutes can be an eternity for a thrifty shopper like me — and some of you…

My thrift store magnet kicked in and drew me over to a pile of linens. Easy to pack in a suitcase? Yes. Lightweight? Yes. Go for it!

One item in the stack was pink with a wide hand-crocheted trim. Hmmm … pretty — but not my usual “thing.” What is it anyway? Curtains? Bed cover? Whatever it is, it’s big…

… oooooh, and hand-painted…

… with bells??? … What IS this thing?

It’s … Oh.My.Gosh! … It’s CHRISTMAS! I see a poinsettia!
It’s a Christmas tablecloth!

It’s a LARGE Christmas tablecloth … about 6′ x 9′ … and it’s exquisite! Look at all the other beautiful details. Most of them I recognize as “Christmas” … but the egg is a new one for me. (How about you?)
Click to enlarge

I looked everywhere for a signature, but I couldn’t find one. I suspect, though, that it was painted by someone named Marlise … because there were three other (small) pieces painted in the same style, and two of them were signed by her. (OF COURSE I bought them! I’ll show them to you another day.)

December 2012 UPDATE:
I found a signature … AND I used this gorgeous tablecloth HERE in a tablescape.

Ten minutes and $30 later (yes, it’s true!), I walked out with four handpainted linens — all of them in excellent, clean condition. I soooo wanted to do a Pink Christmas tablescape for you, but I ran out of time. Maybe next year …

I’m so glad you stopped by this week before Christmas! I’m linking up with Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.
Why don’t you go over there with me and see what other Pink Christmas we might find?

But before you go, I’d like to extend wishes to you — in case I don’t “see” you again before Christmas

During this holiday season as so many families face uncertainty, I rejoice in the certainty that a baby born long ago and far away still transforms lives today. What a supernatural act of love God shared with us when He clothed himself in humanity! May that same Jesus reside in your heart, inform your choices, and ease your fears
in the year to come.


Merry Christmas … from My Place to Yours!


  1. Oh my goodness, Susan. That piece is just absolutely exquisite.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy your many blessings.

  2. Gorgeous table cloth. Who is, Marlise? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the fact that it is all hand painted and in such gorgeous colors. Good eye!

  4. Hi Susan ~What a stunning piece of work Beautiful. What a lucky find.
    May all your Christmas wishes come true.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    Sue in snowy England.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Susan…that tablecloth is exquisite….what a treasure and a pretty good story too!

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  7. Beautiful linens! And a very beautiful ending to your post.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  8. Hello Susan! What a fun story!
    You are right, pink is unusual for Christmas, very beautiful though!
    I don’t think those are eggs, they look like plums and peaches to me. During the Christmas supper, Dec 24th, we have lots of fruits decorating the table and the dishes. Plum, grapes, peaches, pineapples, and nuts are used.
    I imagine this pink tablecloth would look great with gold silverware, gold trimmed plates and glasses.
    Great finding at the thrift store!
    Merry Christmas to you my dear!!

  9. I can’t even begin to imagine that anyone would part with this amazing piece of art work tablecloth. What a spectacular find and special story. Thank you for the Christmas Message and a Merry Christmas to you!

  10. I enjoyed hearing about your trip to the thrift store in another country. I am sure they had a lot of tempting things to pick. I liked what you chose very much. May you and family find peace and happiness during the holiday season.

  11. What a fabulous find! It’s absolutely beautiful. You made good use of your 10 minutes, that’s for sure. 🙂

  12. Wow!! Your tablecloth is so beautiful!! I love it! You walked out with a real treasure!

  13. That’s simply lovely.

    And Merry Christmas from MY place to YOURS. Grin.

  14. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones…Thank you for sharing HPS!

  15. hahaha!… good for you, girl! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing and Merry Pinks to you and your family!

  16. I loved all your photos. They are some real finds. Happy Pink Saturday.

  17. In a land of lush golden leaves and pinkish blossoms, there lay porcelain plastel eggs in shades of blue, purple, pink and gold; Christmas eggs, but what is inside of them; they hatch on Christmas when dozens of angels float out playing flutes, harps and trumpets — for a child is born, Christ the Lord! We live His is realm; this realm of safety and beauty. My prayer is your prayer that everyone get to know Him. Love Terri

  18. My oh my that is beautiful, such a special find. Happy PS. Merry Christmas, and God bless.