Let it Snow!

It started snowing yesterday … and through the night … and much of today. It’s beautiful! Since we don’t get really pretty snows very often, my sweet husband bundled up and headed outside just after daybreak to take pictures.


This is My Place wearing her finest Christmas dress!
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These crocheted snowflake ornaments are the background of the picture above. I’ve made them black and white so you can really see the detail. Each one is different … ’cause they’re snowflakes!
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They were made for me many years ago by my Grandmother. I hung them on our Christmas tree today — as I do every year. Grandmother is no longer with us, but I am fortunate to have many beautiful crocheted pieces, quilts, and pillow cases that she made for me while she was living. She was so very talented — and generous with what she made. It’s always a pleasure to re-connect with these sweet snowflakes every Christmas. So many memories …


I hope you’re making lots of memories of your own during this holiday season. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your home looks truly beautiful in her Christmas dress!
    Just perfect!

  2. Your house looks pretty in the snow. We should have more by Thursday. Your Grandmas snowflakes are lovely so special. I miss my husband’s grandma this season she would be full of joy singing and dancing round the house even at 95! Now I’m a grandma of 6 beautiful little ones I hope I can give them such fond memories.
    Merry Christmas. Sue x

  3. Your house is a Christmas Card!!! How beautiful she looks in her Christmas Dress….picture perfect. I have crocheted snowflakes on my tree as well as crocheted angels…although not made by my Grandmother. Yours are very special and I know your Grandmother smiles to see you appreciate them and the memories they represent. Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love your house and you love for old homes. We also have an older home. My MIL left it to my husband when she passed and it needs major TLC! It was built back in the 40’s and when we moved in looked like nothing had been touched, repaired or cleaned since 1940! :)…..I’d love to see some pics of the inside of your home!

    Hope you and your family is having a Merry Christmas!