Grand Entrances

I’m adding a few more pics to my Idea Files tab. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that (like many of you) I’ve torn pictures out of magazines for years … thinking “someday” I might use the ideas. This blog is helping me get them organized. I’m sharing them with you from time to time, but I have one BIG request … Please — remember that these were mostly torn from various magazines, and I am not always able to properly credit them to the appropriate source. I did NOT take these pics.  (As with ALL text and photos on this blog, you may not reproduce anything without permission — and I cannot give permission for you to reproduce any of the ideas/pics that will be in this Idea Files section because it’s not mine to give! You may use these solely for your own inspiration — just as I do.)

How much exterior Christmas decorating do you do?
Do you hang a simple wreath?  Put up an elaborate garland?  Small trees?  Luminarias?  Whole-house lights?
The possibilities are endless!

Today’s ideas:  ELABORATE wreaths and garlands

Beautiful naturals



How about a “dressy” casual look?

More naturals …

Keep scrolling to see a close-up of the wreath.


Need a tutorial?

Beautiful whites …
Keep scrolling for a close-up of the newel post flowers.

Wreath or stocking? Can’t decide? Choose BOTH!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiesThanks for stopping by!

If you use one of these ideas, post about it on your blog and send me the link;
I’ll add it here!  If you don’t have a blog, email a picture to me, and I’ll include it for you!


  1. Great Ideas! Just need to decide which one to use!