C is for Cookbook … and Cancer … and Courage

You expect to see red, don’t you? But it’s pink … red faded to pink. This cookbook’s been around awhile.

Were the inside pages always pink? I wonder …

This cookbook is one of my “treasures” because it belonged to my Grandma — and boy could she cook! I especially loved her divinity and pecan rolls. (Does anybody see a “sweet” pattern there?)
I was very fortunate to know my Grandma. She had breast cancer when my Dad was just a young boy, but she survived it! That wasn’t very common back in the late ’40s. Things were different then, and cancer was a “whispered” topic if spoken of at all. Several years after receiving her shocking diagnosis, Grandma wrote an article for Home Life magazine entitled “Should a Mother with Cancer Tell Her Children?”
Over 40 years after the article was published, I obtained a rough photocopy of it from the magazine. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’ve included a link to Grandma’s article HERE for anyone who might be interested in taking a trip back in time. (I could have retyped it for easier reading, but the illustrations and photos are worth seeing, too, so I’ve scanned and included it “as is.”)
I’ve found Grandma’s words to be very insightful, honest, and courageous — revealing much about society, family, and “the C word” in a world many years before I was born. It’s certainly not “required reading” — just a little something extra for anyone who has a special interest or a little extra time.
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  1. These cookbooks did come out in pink several years ago-I thought about buying one-but I got one when I got married 16 years ago and have never opened it once-shows you how much I cook-I’m a toast and cereal girl! Happy PS

  2. I love your cookbook. I love them as well and have several that belonged to my grandmother. I did take the time to read her article. What a courageous lady! It’s still tough to deal with the dreaded big C but not nearly as bad as it used to be. Thanks so much for sharing her story.

  3. What a great article and wonderful testimony of a faithful woman! Thank you so much for sharing!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  4. A day late for Pink Saturday, but I wanted to chime in…..

    How wonderful it is that you have these momentos from your grandmother. Sounds like she was a very brave woman.

  5. I love your pink cookbook. I’m really behind on my Pink Saturday but glad I stopped by or I would have missed it. Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. I just wanted to wish you a happy belated Pink Saturday. I stopped to read your grandmother’s story. How wonderful that she survived. Did she ever have that little boy he children thought she went to the hospital to “get”?