What has 12 arms and stands on 3 legs?

Do you know what this is?



I picked it up at an auction.


Maybe this will help …


Do you know yet?  How about this?


Almost there … Do you have it figured out?


How’d you do?


Did you guess it?


If you want to know what blue and yellow have to do with Fall decorating, stop back by on Thursday.
I’ll show you!

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  1. No I did not guess at first. Never saw one of those before, but I love it! And the towels with BLUE too! Hope you have a great Blue Monday!


  2. hi, seen your site at blue monday. i was just joined blue monday. happy to be here. cheers!

  3. Not until the fourth picture. 🙂

    My Blue Monday.

  4. I didn’t figure it out right until near the end either. I LOVE IT!! I would love something like this and would use it, too. We’re not allowed clothes lines here, and I like to hang out linens!

  5. Happy Blue Monday, Susan!

  6. I knew straight away as someone I know had one when I was a child, although I can’t remember who it was. Great photo

  7. Fun! (I got it on the fourth picture!)

    Happy Blue Monday!


  8. That was a cool Blue Monday post. Never know what interesting things you’ll find. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Lol. from the 1st picture i thought it might be some missile or something 😀
    good shots btw!!

  10. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for thursday. Love the blue and yellow combo. 🙂

  11. That would come in really handy around here. I need a small drying rack but never seem to remember I need one until I do!

    You’re right about the Alexandra Stoddard books. I’ve been trying to get this place to feel “right” for 9 years. She mentions several things I’ve done that were keeping it from working.

    Loved the photo and poem about the lonely house!

  12. It took me a while before I figured it out. I live close to Milwaukee where it was made.
    What I posted today was kind of made in Milwaukee too!

  13. I really like the linen rack. What a great find. It really shows off your beautiful linens.

  14. What a clever little thing (but it looks heavy!). Your towels look just lovely in the fresh blue, yellow and white colours.

  15. great photos!
    I, too, knew what it was right away: we just got one donated that may be hung on the wall. I should take a pic and post it next week 🙂

  16. I did not know what it was at first. We never had that type cloths line. Just poles with a wire between.

  17. Oh, how I wish I could find one of these…these are wonderful vintage goodness!! Have a great VTT!

  18. My Mom had one of these when I was a kid to hang laundry on when the weather was too bad to hang it outside. Although I just turned 50, my Mom didn’t own a dryer until 1973….I was 13 then and had lots of experience hanging out the wash, lol.

    I love the vintage linens displayed on yours….quite gorgeous 🙂


  19. I never would have figured that out! LOL! But I LOVE all the blue table clothes on it!!!

  20. The first few pics had me guessing silly things but towards the end (before the tea towels appeared!) I guessed it.

  21. Love the clothes line/linen rack. What a great find!
    ~ Julie

  22. I did it! I guessed right! Do I win? lol great post. Have a blessed week. Debbie

  23. Hi- I’m a new visitor! You had me stumped. I love those vintage tableclothes. What a neat find! I enjoy finding old items too : )