Cobalt and Sunflowers

A Garden of Sunflowers
(Author Unknown)
A garden of Sunflowers beckoned to me –
Come join us, my lady, and joyous you’ll be!

We’re large ones and small ones, some dainty and fair,
And even some delicate to wear in your hair.

We follow the sun, swaying slowly without a care,
We have a new dance that with you we will share.

Gently hold onto our leaves, allow us to lead the way,

To our Sunflower two-step, dancing throughout the day.

I couldn’t resist them, so dandy a sight!

So off I did go in my Sunflower flight.

What a glorious time, right up til twilight,
And then I had to bid my Sunflowers good-night.
So happy were we, a long day filled with fun,
Upon leaving I kissed them, each and every one.

So tender the moment, as I turned to leave.
With eyes brimmed with tears, could I truly believe?

OH! It was so true!! I then knew it to be!!!
I had to smile, ’cause they were all winking at me!!!!

Happy September Happy Tablescaping

Click and see items from this tablescape (no longer) for sale in my Etsy shop:

* Handpainted dinner plates
* Cobalt salad plates
* Cobalt berry/dessert bowls
If you love the combination of blue and yellow, you’ll want to stop by again soon. I’ll be listing some great vintage blue and yellow tablecloths in my shop!

Items from my personal collection:
* Sea grass placemats
* Gibson “Claremont” underplates (saucers)
* Goblets – Dollar Tree several years ago and again recently
* Cobalt ice bucket (vase) – import company clearance sale years ago
* Mikasa “Italian Countryside” flatware – several years ago
* Cobalt butterfly -made by a family member
* Linens – years ago
* Sunflowers – my yard

I’m linking to Centerpiece Wednesday at The Style Sisters, Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, and next week’s Blue Monday at Smiling Sally.


  1. Oh what a beautiful table!! I love your sunflowers, and they are arranged so nicely! I cannot do that. I tried, when I had more than two, but they did not look like yours. Love your blue also. Just beautiful!

  2. Great color combination! The tablescape look so fresh!

  3. The cobalt against the sunflowers is spectacular, and I love the added texture of the seagrass mats. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry kay

  4. I’ll just share my first thought “oh, I like this”! Followed by a smile-enjoy!

  5. I love that deep cobalt with the vibrant sunflowers. It is really stunning. When you lit the candles,and that blue glow went over the table? Bingo! Loved it.

    Wasn’t it your table last week that had the stunning red/pink glow? You have talent for sure!

  6. Gorgeous table…♥♥♥ the cobalt and sunflowers, can’t get much better than that!
    Have a great weekend, Susan.

  7. Absolutely Gorgeous! You are so talented!

  8. Very inviting and pretty. The colors flow perfectly.

  9. Since I’m a huge fan of blue and yellow, I just love your table. The sunflowers just scream fun and the cobalt blue pops. Thanks for sharing your obvious talent with us.

  10. I love the sunflowers with the blue. The butterfly in the same shade is really a special touch.

  11. I love, love, love all that cobalt blue glass.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan! Check out my book giveaway.

  12. Great blues and yellows-love the sunflowers

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